Author: Zac Pittard

Why You Should Choose To Be A Freelance Commercial Lawyer

The legal industry is ever-evolving, and so is the paradigm of being a successful commercial lawyer. For many legal practitioners, looking beyond the old-style law firm model makes more sense now. That is sparking a new rise in the prevalence of freelance commercial lawyers. Becoming a freelance commercial lawyer lets you leverage your experience and a law degree. […]

Essential Questions to Ask during Conveyancing

Many negotiations on conveyancing hit a brick wall when surprises spring up. A potential home buyer will even be lucky to discover any issue early because other problems arise when the deal ends. At that point, it will be double the expenses to now seek a professional conveyancer who will be willing to take up […]

Conveyancing Fees: The Cost of Hiring a Conveyancer

Real estate property acquisition can be a sensitive business or otherwise complicated. The entire process has involved the bidding, buying, selling, and transfer of property from one party to another party – conveyancing. In addition, there are local and national laws that these processes must follow. Even if the average person wants to buy a […]

6 Common Areas Of Commercial Law Every Business Owner Needs To Know 

Owning a business doesn’t just involve advertising, following up prospects, raking in profits, and handling losses. There’s a legal side to it. It is quite essential every business owner knows certain areas of commercial law as it helps ensure they don’t run into legal problems with the state, customers, and government.  More so, as a […]

A concise overview of commercial law

The area of private law known as “commercial law,” usually referred to as “business law,” is in charge of policing all aspects of trade connections between individuals, including acts, locations, and contracts resulting from the commerce itself. Presently, commercial law is transnational; the import and export of goods and services are commonplace. If you want […]

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